I am a Pre-Doctoral Researcher at Google Research India. I work towards solving the problem of predicting super-resolved segmentation maps from satellite imagery in Earth Observation Science team.

Previously, I graduated from the Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru (IISc) with a M.Tech. (Research) in Computational and Data Sciences. I was part of Video Analytics Lab (VAL), where I worked towards my thesis titled Landmark Estimation and Image Synthesis Guidance using Self-Supervised Networks under the advisorship of Prof. R. Venkatesh Babu.

I have been fortunate to be part of Google Summer of Code twice to contribute to the JuliaLang . In the summer of 2019, I built Duckietown.jl, a differentiable self-driving car simulation environment that enable training of agents using differentiable programming. While in the summer of 2018, I contributed to Flux’s model zoo with Reinforcement Learning algorithms and built AlphaGo.jl to train and play zero-sum board games using Alpha(Go)Zero algorithm in JuliaLang.

My research interests lie in building Deep Learning models for generating and editing images.

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February, 2023 : Serving as reviewer in ICCV 2023.

November, 2022 : Serving as reviewer in CVPR 2023.

October, 2022 : Attended ECCV’22 at Tel Aviv to present our works on GAN– HSR and gSR.

October, 2022 : Defended my M.Tech. (Research) thesis!

July, 2022 : Our papers on GAN regularizers (HSR and gSR) accepted at ECCV’22!

June, 2022 : Our work FLAME, which enables Few-shot Image editing using StyleGAN, got accepted in ACMMM’22!

June, 2022 : Recognized as Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2022!

April, 2022 : Started as Pre-Doctoral Researcher at Google Research India under the guidance of Dr. Varun Gulshan.

March, 2022 : Gave colloquium and submitted thesis on Landmark Estimation and Image Synthesis Guidance using Self-Supervised Networks at IISc.

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