I am a computer vision researcher. Currently, I am working as a Research Engineer at Avataar, where I am finding solutions for image-to-3D reconstruction problem. Before that, I was a Pre-Doctoral Researcher at Google Research India. I worked towards solving the problem of predicting super-resolved segmentation maps from satellite imagery in the Earth Observation Science team under the guidance of Dr. Varun Gulshan and Alex Wilson.

Previously, I graduated from the Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru (IISc) with an M.Tech. (Research) in Computational and Data Sciences. I was part of Video Analytics Lab (VAL), where I worked towards my thesis titled Landmark Estimation and Image Synthesis Guidance using Self-Supervised Networks, advised by Prof. R. Venkatesh Babu and Dr. Varun Jampani.

I have been fortunate to be part of Google Summer of Code twice to contribute to the JuliaLang under the mentorship of Mike Innes. In the summer of 2019, I built Duckietown.jl, a differentiable self-driving car simulation environment that enables the training of agents using differentiable programming. While in the summer of 2018, I contributed to Flux’s model zoo with Reinforcement Learning algorithms and built AlphaGo.jl to train and play zero-sum board games using Alpha(Go)Zero algorithm in JuliaLang.

My research interest is in representation learning from generative models. I want to investigate how to learn representations that are a) controllable (to generate images with desired properties), b) personalizable (with limited data), and c) collaborative (combining representations experts in different sub-tasks) in nature.

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November, 2023 : Serving as a reviewer in CVPR 2024.

October, 2023 : Started as a Research Engineer at Avataar!

September, 2023 : Serving as a reviewer in ICLR 2024.

May, 2023 : Serving as a reviewer in NeurIPS 2023.

February, 2023 : Our work NoisyTwins, which aims at long-tail and few-shot image generation for StyleGANs, got accepted in CVPR 2023!.

November, 2022 : Serving as a reviewer in CVPR 2023.

October, 2022 : Attended ECCV’22 at Tel Aviv to present our works on GAN– HSR and gSR.

October, 2022 : Defended my M.Tech. (Research) thesis!

July, 2022 : Our papers on GAN regularizers (HSR and gSR) accepted at ECCV’22!

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